Ayers Rock – The 3rd best place to visit on this Earth…

Ayers Rock_Uluru_Amaxiom

A large sandstone rock formation considered to be sacred and of spiritual importance by Aborigines of the North Australian Territory is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Originally called Uluru by the aborigines, which translates as the Great Pebble. It is the largest single-rock monolith in the world. Resembling a giant land iceberg, a vast majority of the rock is actually underground.
The enchanting glowing red light reflected from this landmark at sunrise and sunset is due to the sandstone infused with minerals such as Feldspar, and the rusty look is due to the oxidation of the rock. It is around 600 million years old and has ancient paintings on it.
It is believed to be the place where the ancestral Spirit gathers, and many significant events occurred during the creation time or Dreaming as they call it. Many of the spots nearby are considered to be sacred, where local rituals and rites are carried out. The community believes the rock contains an energy source and marks the spot where their ‘Dreamtime’ began. They also believed that area around Uluru is the home of their ancestors and is inhabited by many ancestral beings. The Uluru is considered to be a symbol of the Aboriginal people and their culture.

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