Green Vine Snake Myth

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Did you know that there is a venomous snake that people take as pets?

Yes, we are speaking about a snake called the Green Vine Snake. But why would someone take in a venomous snake as a pet? Talking about pets, do we have anyone here who has non-traditional pets, like anything other than a dog, cat, or hamster? Do mention your dearest pet in the comment section. Well getting back to the topic of Green Vine Snake. Belonging to the Colubridae family, the Green Vine snake,  is a long, slender snake living on trees. Its scientific name is Oxybelis fulgidus. Like us, the Green Vine Snakes have binocular vision which means that there is an overlap of the visuals perceived by each eye, merging it into a single image. This coupled with a keen sense of smell helps these snakes to locate their prey which includes frogs, lizards, etc. 


Native to Central America and Northern South America, the Green Vine Snake is poisonous enough to immobilize its prey and is mildly venomous to humans as well, but rarely fatal. This is due to the reason that these snakes have rear fangs. To release venom, they must chew on their prey. This could be the reason why they are popular as pets among many. It can grow up to 1.5 meters in length and can be easily mistaken for a vine on a tree, hence the name. Even its tongue is green in color.
Green Vine Snake_Amaxiom

These snakes are associated with a scary myth. It is believed that when humans get too close to these snakes, the Green Vine Snake bites and yanks out the eyeballs. Sounds scary, but it’s just a myth.

As these snakes live on trees and are well camouflaged owing to their green color, when exposed to a threat, these snakes strike often biting on the head and face. But they have been never reported to gouge out a person’s eye.
One another interesting fact about the Green Vine Snake is that they are ovoviviparous. It means they produce young by means of eggs which hatches right inside the body of the parents. So they are born as live young, capable of hunting from the very moment they are born.
So, would you dare take in a Green Vine Snake as a pet?
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