Why Owls are Scary? [Here are 7 Reasons]

Do you think owls are cute? If yes, we are about to reveal some freaky but amazing facts about these birds. So let’s dive right into the world of Owls, and tell you why the owls are scary.
1. That freaky head turn.
The owls can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees from side to side and also 180 degrees vertically. So no matter where you stand, you are being watched. This single feature is enough to prove why owls are scary. For comparison, we humans can turn our heads or neck up to 160 to 180 degrees. But you would be surprised to know that, certain health conditions such as hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders which make the ligaments, tendons, and muscles more stretchy can actually enable some to turn their heads up to 180 degrees safely. 
2. The stare that pierces through your soul.
Unlike our eye sockets, owls have eye tubes or cylinders, in which their eyes are kind of stuck. They can’t give you the side look like the one you give when you are up to some mischief. Our eyeballs are free to move inside our sockets, but owls don’t have eyeballs, instead, their eyes are more elongated. So if the owl has to look to their sides, they have to turn its whole head to the side, giving that straightforward freaky stare.
3 eyelids of owls_amaxiom

The Owls have 3 sets of eyelids and have varied functions.

3. They have not 1, not 2, but 3 eyelids.
The first and the outermost eyelid closes down when the owl blinks. The second and the middle eyelid closes up when the owl sleeps. The third translucent eyelid closes horizontally from the inner side of the eyes. This eyelid protects the owl’s eye from debris during attack mode. Did you know that we too had a third eyelid but is vestigial now? That little pink thing in the inner corners of your eyes is actually the remnant of a third eyelid. 
4. The silent fliers.
Watch out, cuz you never know, when they are coming. Their very own customized feathers enable them to have an almost silent flight. This is done by funneling the air smoothly with their broad wings and dampening the sound. To go along with these customised designs they also have light bodies. The preys often realize their presence when they get caught in the powerful talons of the owls.
Zygodactyl feet of scary owls

Their strong claws are specialized to grasp, tear or rip the prey.

5. Have those chameleon-like feet.
The Owls have Zygodactyl feet which means that they have two toes in the front and two toes in the back. These powerful giant talons help the owls to grip, hold and rip their prey more efficiently from all four directions. In addition, owls can pivot one of their back toes forward when they need to help them grip and walk.  Wanna know, how much force these talons have? Up to 500 lbs per square inch.
6. Have some unacceptable eating habits.
Eating habits differ from person to person and from species to species. But the owls do have some freaky food habits. Favorite foods on their menu including rodents, pets, and even their own species would make for a good meal. And once they are full, they often regurgitate a hard mass containing bones, feathers, fur, or teeth from their delicious meal. It is also worth noting that, the largest species of owls were the extinct Ornimegalonyx which used to be as tall as a 5-year-old kid, and their favorite meal was sloths.
7. A weak sibling could mean that dinner has been sorted. 
If owlets feel hungry and there’s a weaker sister or brother at home alone, you don’t have to wait for Mama to come and feed you. They just eat the smaller ones. Even the mama owls feed the biggest chicks first to ensure some owlets survive even if food is less.
Even though these characteristics are scary these help the owls to survive on the planet Earth

So now, do you agree that the owls are scary. Which among these facts were most scary? Please leave a comment below right now!

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