Mona Lisa – The journey of the world Famous Painting

Monalisa - the painting
“Art is a lie that make us realize the truth” – Pablo Picasso
Mona Lisa – The Most admired Work of Art. If Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa were the only work he had ever painted, he would still be called a genius. For centuries it has been the inspiration for poems, paintings and even forgeries, which can be said to have been the most reproduced work of art.
Made on a thin board of poplar wood Leonardo applied several coats of primer before starting to paint.
The painting is a master- piece due to it’s many features. For instance, by blurring the contours an atmospheric effect of mist has been created. The curls that fall over the shoulder blend into the rocky outcrops. The combination of the fuzzy contours with the mysterious background creates ambiguity and illusion of movement, which gives the painting a haunting sense of life.
The dress features a complex embroidery of bows and knots, motifs that always fascinated Leonardo. The sleeves are painted in a neat style, with relatively sharp contours, reflecting his early work. The shapes through the contrast of light and shadow immersed in semi darkness was to achieve greater realism. The luminous hands exemplify this technique.
An incredible face-
According to Leonardo “The good painter must represent essentially two things: the character and his state of mind”.
The eyes-
Dark, framed by delicate and faint eyelids, they attract the viewer’s eye. The absence of eyebrows would obey the Florentine fashion of that time. Other versions explain that successive restorations or the use of inappropriate solvents have erased them.

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