The Tallest House of Cards – Guinness World Record

Tallest house of Cards by Tian Rui- Amaxiom

Have you ever tried to make a pyramid using playing cards?

That could be the most basic thing. Because we are talking about someone who has gained the Guinness World Record for making the tallest house of Cards by stacking playing cards. And that’s without using any glue or special effects. For most of us, it may seem impossible, but not for this guy. So how high could you stack the cards? Please comment below your answers.
Belonging to the Shandong province of China, Tian Rui’s only connection with cards until 2015 was his background as a professional magician.

Entry to the Guinness World Record

It was 11th November 2022, the 19th Guinness World Records Day. A day for the challengers to break the record from the past year and win the Guinness World Record title. Tian Rui all set live-streamed his attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the tallest house of cards. He built a 50-story high house of cards that was 3.37 m (11 ft 0.67 in) long in 5 hours and 4 minutes. He broke the record title held earlier for many years by Bryan Berg famously known as the Card stacker, who was his idol and inspiration.
Tallest house of Cards by Tian Rui- Amaxiom
Earlier in July he had built a 27-story house of cards and broke the Guinness World Records title for the tallest house of cards built in 1 hour with a total height of 2.17 m (7 ft 1.4 in).
Some of his other card-stacked wonders include:
  • the Castle is based on the movie “Frozen” which was created with 12000 cards and took him 40 hours to make.
  • Big Ben took 18 hours and was made with 10000 cards.
  • a temple based on the Temple of Heaven which took 9 hours to complete and was built by stacking 8800 cards.

In one of the videos, he chose to pull down the whole house of cards. You may ask why? The answer in his words is:

“Every time it’s torn down, it’s for a new reconstruction.”

A true example of mind-body coordination

Hats off to this young man. He has excellent mind-body coordination and patience which enabled him to achieve this feat. In case you wanna try a hand at card stacking, make sure to be prepared, and practice some patience. Equally important is to select a place away from the air-conditioner. We can only wait and watch, what Tian Rui’s new creations with cards would be and whether he would break his own Guinness world record, or someone else would in the future.
So how high could you stack the cards?

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