A new year message to everyone- Be the special one among many !

Are you done with checking new notifications from different social media pages in your latest smartphone ?Let me draw your attention for few minutes .

The very first thing we are doing in the morning and the only thing that we are doing in our free times- “going through new notifications, checking updates, watching videos, playing video games…..in our mobile phones!” We all have one and only best friend- our mobile phones. How many hours just flies away while we are spending our time on our mobile phones ?Are we really bothered about that?

A new year message-2019


I am mentioning “we”,”our” or “us”  here ,Yeah. I am not  an exceptional case in that. And when I decided to write about this, the first example in front of me was none other than myself!! So we are in love with our phones and always floating away in social media world.

So now, what I feel to say is, spend few moments everyday to read your mind, listen to it, realize what it wants you to do for unconditional joy and peace. Thus, feel the magic of listening to yourself and focus on your goals.

A new year message-2019

Everyday while travelling to the office or school, college or while you are in the kitchen, almost everywhere, we are just busy with our phones and act in such a way, as if  that’s the only thing that we can do at that particular moment.

A new year message


Why can’t you look around and see the people passing by? When was the last time when you opened up your arms and felt the breeze ? Has anyone lately walked bare foot and felt the grass beneath, in a park?

Just keep away your phones for an hour daily and I would like to assign a task for every one – keep aside a few moments to think about yourself . When I say yourself  I mean, you, your family and your loved ones. Do think about it. (Let everyone’s faces flash in your mind for few seconds- the feel would be much better if you close your eyes).

What are the things that you are doing everyday? Do you do something to improve yourself in your daily life? What do you want to be in your life? What is your goal ? Have you achieved any of your goal till now? Let me tell you one thing, the prime goal for all of us should be to become a better human and your daily task should focus to improve your behavior /character a little everyday.



A better human is – someone who thinks about his family, his colleagues, his friends and wishes to do something to make them happy and do whatever he can to make them feel motivated and encouraged .


A better human is – to do something to nurture the nature, save it and  gift it to the next generation. Do what you can do -I am not proclaiming to create any protest campaigns to save nature or anything. Just decide that you will not waste water and food from now on, And will not throw garbage carelessly. Some small steps can bring big changes….




Starting from our family-  treat every one with a smile in the morning and wish them a great day .Hug your mom/dad/wife/husband/child and kiss them on the forehead. If they are not with you, find few minutes to call them in the morning and wish them well. Before disconnecting the call don’t forget to say that you love them the most. And just imagine their smile while hearing that. In this scenario, we can treat phones as our best friend coz it helps us to connect people around the world.


But just imagine, someone is texting or engaged in social media or games without caring what their mom/wife/child/father/colleague is saying to them. It feels nothing short than a rejection. We all can’t be so cruel as to reject someone, right? So as a second step to be a better human, we should decide one thing- if someone is trying to talk/share to you something, pay them attention and keep away your phone. Spend few hours for you and for your loved one’s. In office have some fun-talk with colleagues. In those few moments, I strongly recommend to keep away your phone-let it take rest in your bags/wallets.



While you are walking  or travelling enjoy the surroundings. Always keep a smile in your face-the smile from bottom of your heart. Live in the moment and enjoy the little things coming your way.


Biggest failure in relationship these days is that, you are prioritizing those things that you can do with your mobile phones than to spend time with your family.



So it is time to change yourself. For becoming a better human by all means – care everyone related to  you and treat them in a very special way. Those who are already following these in their life, you are going great and just continue to do so and be the best. And those who are not yet into it, now is the time. I hope you realized my humble thinking, that ultimate joy is not something that we have to search in any smartphones, but, it is what we are creating. So be a better human, make a change now and be that special one.

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  1. A nice content with valuable message at the right time. I have seen many new year messages of same kind but felt different and has a nice message. Good work and keep writing. Wish every one a happy new year..

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