Volcano Eruption Types with famous examples from across the World…

Volcanoes Explained
Remind me that the most fertile  lands were built by the fires of Volcanoes.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Andrea Gibson
Often called as the Fire mountains, Fire spitting mountains or the smoking mountains, there has always been a curiosity behind these volcanoes starting from kids to adults alike. We all have wondered how a volcano erupts??? Who would have not seen or made a working model of volcano as a kid  in school. Just like a fire spitting dragon on the Earth, the Volcanic eruptions are scary but magical and astonishing at the same time. No wonder, so many volcano movies and documentaries have been made in Hollywood…
There are varied types of volcanoes based on their structure and volcano eruption. And what’s more worrying is that, most of these volcanic explosions are accompanied with natural disasters such as Earthquake and Tsunami. The massive destruction caused due to these volcanic eruptions have been huge and have historical importance.
In this post, we are explaining the volcanoes and its types, based on their form or structure. We also introduce to you many of the famous volcanoes, including the largest and the most dangerous volcanoes from around the world to watch out for.
So what is a volcano???
It’s a rupture in the Earth’s uppermost layer called the Crust. Through this opening the molten lava, hot ash and gases come out. These volcano sites mark the boundaries between the moving plates of the Earth’s crust.
Based on their structure, they can be categorized into 3 types:
1. Stratovolcano
2. Shield Volcano
3. Fissure Volcano
Stratovolcano –
We are talking about the volcano which looks like a typical mountain with a steep cone. And how does it get it’s typical look??? It’s cuz of the sticky lava coming out of the volcano which doesn’t flow very far giving it the steep cone look. A very famous example of Sratovolcano is the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

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