Why do we dream? The Amazing Science behind Dreams

dream visualizations

Have you ever dreamt of your teeth falling out, or seeing your funeral or being chased by strange animals such as a flying snake? What does all these strange dreams means? These dreams are quite common, but have you ever wondered why on earth do you dream?

This is what we are going to tell you in this post. We all get dreams, and it’s an out of the world experience.

dream visualizations

Dreaming is perhaps the oddest experience in our life.

With vivid visualization of completely unusual things such as infinity roads, to being stuck in the most embarrassing social interaction or the never ending falls to the infinity pit, dreams have always been a subject of studies and research for decades. With dreams, came the dream interpretations and with nightmares, the dreamcatchers have also gained popularity. 
Now we also have dream dictionaries, which tells you why you had a bizarre dream.

But what’s the scientific side of Dreaming?

Even though we haven’t found an accurate cause for dreaming, we do know a lot of benefits achieved due to sleep, such as
  • boosting the brain activity,
  • regulate the Immune system 
  • promoting the physical activity.
Did you know that we spent almost two hours of our sleep at night dreaming. And it specifically happens at a stage of sleeping called the REM Sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep.

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