World’s First Gold Plated Hotel – Here’s what you need to know

Gold Plated Hotel_Vietnam_Amaxiom
We have all been to hotels. Its a favorite spot for candle light dinners, bachelor party, serious business meeting, conferences, and also a temporary stay while on your favorite vacation. But the hotel we are talking about today is way more than that, and we are pretty, much sure it’s unlike any of the hotels you have ever visited in your life. 
This hotel is situated in Vietnam, a famous Southeast-Asian country famous for its Buddhist Pagodas, beaches, bustling cities and of course the Vietnam war. 
So what makes this Hotel in Vietnam so special and unique from the others???
The answer is Gold, the chemical element with the atomic number 79 which forms naturally on Earth. As we all know this precious metal is used in Jewelry making, used in medicines and makes for a perfect investment. You would have come across few rich people who have golden tooth too. And now we also have mobile phones made in Gold. 
All these are no surprise to us in this era, but what if I tell you to imagine a whole builder covered in 24 karat gold. 

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