Find Out What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality???

For any occasion, whether it be a man or a woman, glasses goes well with any fashion accessory. Not just to protect the eyes, these eye wears gives you a personal touch of your character and also can be adjusted as per the occasion.

With the changes in fashion trends, the glasses too have changed in shapes and sizes. Are you someone who likes to wear glasses a lot, especially a specific one??? Well here after a lot of observation, our team has come up with an interesting study on glasses. So find out what your glasses say about your personality.


With the edgy and vibrant colors, you enjoy and adopt the latest trends. You are one of those who wants to make a fashion statement of your own. You like travelling a lot and more often called a hippie by your friends. You like to experiment a lot with yourself, whether be it with your looks or even your character. Altogether you are an easy going and fun-filled person thriving for adventure.


A born performer with an extremely creative mind. You are extremely enthusiastic and full of ideas. You have a very pleasing personality with a touch of romance. You are crazy about motor cycles and like to go for long rides. You like to listen to music and believe in perfection. You choose your friends carefully, but the chosen would be the best you can ever have. You like to go out and party a lot.


As depicted by your glasses, you believe in simplicity and it shows in everything you do. With the metallic rim, gives seriousness to your character. You are not too much dramatic and go for the basics. With very good focus on your tasks, you are seldom distracted by anything around you. Basically a very business minded person and enjoys your own company.


You are an expert in what you do, but take a back seat in socializing. Very much interested in technology and science, mostly you are very serious. With very few friends, you talk less and do more. With the nerd look, you definitely have a studious self and are a book-worm, diving deep into the ocean of knowledge. Being very curious about things, you will be spending more time researching in a way.


Giving you a sporty look, and with the sleek finishing this is definitely something worn by people who like to be free in any given situation. You are very conscious about your body and like to keep it slim and muscular. With great interest in athletes, you are physically active. You are very competitive, and thrive to be the first or the winner.

So we hope that you relate to your glasses well, and next time you meet someone for the first time, you can judge that person not just by his shoes or body language, but with his glasses too. Hope you guys liked the post. Do share your views in the comment section. 🙂

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