7 Everyday Things You Are Doing At The Wrong Time.


There are so many tasks we need to accomplish in a day. With so much to do, we often skip or postpone certain things we do on a daily basis. But have you ever thought of the outcomes, whether it be in terms of bad impacts or the benefits we miss, by not accomplishing it at the right time. So here are 7 everyday things you need to do right at the right time.

1. Exercise

Nowadays exercise has become a part of life. To stay fit and to prevent diseases which are very common due to the present sedentary life style, exercise is a must. But doing it at the right time, that’s what matters the most. Doing exercise early in the morning before 6:30 am is the best. It not just boosts the energy but also facilitates fat burning throughout the day.

2. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately that’s the meal most people often skip. It should be taken early in the morning ideally within one hour of waking up. It kicks starts the metabolism and ensures that the digestion is carried out properly throughout the day. Ideally breakfast has to be taken before 8:30 am.

3. Coffee

It’s usual to have a coffee or two during the work hours. Most of the people are addicted to it. Due to the caffeine content in it it’s better to limit its usage. However if at all you need to have coffee have it after 9.30 as the stress hormone has its peak level after 9.00 am.

4. Lunch

A light lunch should be taken before 12.30 to keep the normal cycle of digestion and metabolism going.

5. Afternoon nap

If you do have a habit of taking a power nap, after lunch it’s good before 3 pm. But be sure it is only 20-25 minutes long. It makes you fully charged and refreshed and doesn’t interfere with your sleep at night.

6. Dinner

You will be surprised by this one. But studies show that it’s ideal to have your dinner before 7:30 pm and you should have a gap of 3 hours before you hit the bed for a goodnight sleep. It aids in proper digestion and the proper movement of food in the gut.

7. Sleep time

Even though the normal sleep timings were way ahead than now, it’s better after 10:30 pm. Stay clear from all kind of gadgets in your bedroom or near the bed. Get a good night sleep of at least 7- 8 hours for a refreshed morning.

Giving priority to your work or by just being lazy will most probably get you in trouble. Besides, doing these things properly can give you immense boost of energy and keep you healthy.

Hope you guys would definitely change your time table for the good. We would love to hear from you all. Do post your views in the comment section. Stay blessed. 🙂

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