A Chase From The Wild That Beats Any Hollywood Thriller Chase- Iguana-Snakes

The wildlife documentary series “Planet Earth II” in BBC channel came up recently with a video which would beat any Hollywood thriller chase you would have ever seen. We are proud to present this amazing video aired in BBC, with the spine chilling baby iguana-snake chase.

We are not talking about one snake chasing a baby iguana but a bunch of them who are real hungry. So that sounds scary, right???

With the narration by David Attenborough, and the incredible background score along with the heart wrenching chase, gives you goosebumps like never before. This one’s a must watch for all.

Here’s a peak into the incredibly thrilling video…..



The stunning episode which was edited by  Matthew Meech, involves a moment at which the baby iguana seems helpless trapped in a coil of snakes, but eventually makes its great escape. It’s real thrilling to watch and with a happy ending too.

So we hope you guys enjoyed watching this video. Do like and share and comment your valuable views too……:)



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