6 Everyday Psychic Hacks To Live Life Like A Boss

Our brain is an amazing organ with immense powers beyond our knowledge. Heard of psychic abilities??? Such people with psychic powers do exist. With our mind power we can manipulate others as well as ourselves. Wanna know how?? Well here we share with you some simple psychic hacks which you can use in your daily life to get want you want. So here we go…..

1.The never ending song

Ever stuck with a song in your head which goes on playing in an endless loop, distracting you from your work. Everyone goes through this but there is a simple trick to break this loop. Just think about the ending of the song and voila!!! you have closed the loop. According to psychology it happens cuz your mind constantly reminds of the things which are left unfinished, in this case the song, so if you can convince your mind that the song has ended, it won’t click on the rewind button.

2.A simple nod

Your body language plays a very important role on the people around you and the social interactions you do with them. When you want someone to agree with you, just give an affirmative nod when you ask the question. This nodding makes them think that you are saying the truth and they agree with you.

3.The power of Authority

There are times when people won’t take you seriously and ignore you saying you are silly. You have no value and people don’t listen to you. If you are someone who wants to be taken seriously, use the superpower called authorization. For instance, just tell them what you are saying was told to you by your father. And so by adding authority to your statement you are making yourself more genuine.

4.The customized choices

feeding your kids could be a nightmare for the busy moms. but with this lil trick you can be a supermom. instead of asking them to eat, present them with choices like ask them if they want two or five cookies. this way you are actually giving them choices so that they can decide for themselves and thereby accomplishing your task of feeding them successfully.


Yawning is often a sign of tiredness or sometimes of hunger. But the strangest part about the yawning would be the fact that it’s contagious. We all know that, and we all have struggled so hard to control our yawn while in class…..:p But what if it can help you find if someone is watching over you, but you aren’t very sure. just yawn!!! Yes, as simple as that. Due to its contagious nature, if the person has been watching over you, he would end up yawning and so you have caught the stalker.

6.Theory of attraction

Unlike the opposite charges attract and like charges repel law we all have learnt in our physics classes, the like charges do attract when it comes to human psychology. Studies show that if you mimic the postures or gestures of the person you are talking to, its more likely that the person would like you and trust you more. It happens as an unconscious perception of the person that you share a lot of common traits.


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  1. Hi there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He consistently kept talking about this.
    I will forward this article to him. Fairly sure
    he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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