7 Unbelievably Strange Animals You Haven’t Seen Before

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For those who believe in aliens from another world, we at amazing world present to you some unbelievably strange animals who are no less than aliens and inhabit our own planet Earth. You guys would be surprised to see these animals and would doubt their very existence. Well all we have to say is, enjoy the post and stay amazed……:)

1.Snowflake the albino Gorilla.

You would have seen plenty of gorillas but unlike them, Snowflake was the only white Gorilla in the whole planet. Captured from africa as a baby, he was an exhibit in the barcelona zoo in spain. He died in 2003 at the age of 40.

Snowflake - Barcelona White Gorilla

2.The 2-faced Cat

Named Frank n Louie, this cat was born with 3 eyes, 2 nose and 2 mouths but 1 brain. Even though cats with this medical condition die within the first few days of being born, this brave cat lived up to 12 years, thanks to the loving and caring owner.


3.The mighty Liger

Yes!!! you heard that right, the Liger, a crossbreed between a lion and a tiger. Hercules the Liger is not just known for his special breed but he also holds the world record of the largest living cat.


4.Matilda the alien cat

Now this cat really does look like an alien, isn’t it??? Even though born normal, she developed a medical condition of her eyes later on leading to the overgrown eyes and also a super-dilated pupil, giving her this appearance.


5.Kenny the white Tiger

This white tiger is famous in social media for its special appearance.  The distinct facial features of Kenny is attributed to a genetic condition by abnormal pattern of inbreeding within generations by breeders.


6.Lurch Ankole Watusi

This cow belonging to the Ankole Watusi cattle breed held the World record for the largest horn circumference of a massive 37.5 inches. The huge horns weighed approximately 100 pounds each.


7. Pig the dog

Staring at the image just to figure out what animal is it??? Well strangely enough it’s a dog. Named as “Pig”, she has this unusual appearance due to the absence of several ribs and vertebrae in her body.


Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Do share your comments. We’d love to hear from you…….:)


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