Craving  for that lean, fit and muscular body. But fed of giving up every time. May be you are missing out on something. Check it out here.

We are living in a very fitness conscious world. Whether it’s the men or the women, everyone needs a fit and beautiful body. For most of the people obesity and belly fat sounds like nightmare. And to avoid these, people hit the gym to get the fit body.  But just going to the gym and working out —is it enough to get in shape and have a healthy, slim and fit body???? Well guys, the answer is a big “NO”. The biggest obstacle here is the food we eat.
With this in view, people chase diet plans and charts on google which turn out to be over complicated and which cannot be followed by most of the people. Ok, may be its easy to follow the diet plans, but the toughest  part is sticking on to the plan.
Don’t worry, some of the benefits you will get out of sticking on to the diet plan, perhaps will keep you motivated for the same. So lets check them out.
1.       A muscular body
2.      Good metabolism
3.      Less fat accumulation
4.      Boosts energy
5.      Peace of mind (fact that you are finally doing it).
So after the motivation part lets see how we can be consistent with the plan. For this you will need some mental preparation. Just go through a flash back and see what actually pulled you back from the proper diet plan last time you planned to get fit and avoiding them in the first place.
Next step is making the right choices. So here are a few tips on getting you on the track.
Small meals.
Contrary to the popular belief of breakfast, lunch and dinner, why not go for frequent smaller meals. It will prevent you from over eating at a time, but will also keep a check on your hunger too.  Its also good to have a smaller  plate.
What to drink?
If you are so much addicted to beverages, mind the calories. There are some beverages available with zero calories. (note: its best to avoid beverages)
Eating  Leftovers.
Keeping  and eating leftovers  past the recommended amount of time  can cause food  poisoning  and also disturb  the metabolism.
When buying food stuffs.
1.       Remind yourself about the amount the hard work you are putting into achieving your goal(in this case a healthy body)
2.      When buying, go through the calorie chart and content on the packet.
3.      Make a list before you go for shopping.
4.      Don’t wander while shopping. The chances are very high of grabbing ice cream or your favourite eatables if you wander more.
When cooking.
Bring variety into your life. For most of us healthy food sounds boring and tasteless. So when cooking,  plan for something different but healthy each day of  the week. This approach will keep you focused.
When eating.
Do include some protein and grains into your daily diet. Some food which include protein are:
1.Cottage cheese
3.Peanut butter
8.Chocolate milk
So this time its a go and get it approach. Stay focused, stay fit.

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