9 Scientifically Proven Methods To Beat Stress.

“I am stressed out.”

In this fast paced life, it’s something which we often hear. There are times when we find ourselves in such stressed situations. Whether it be in office or at home stress is something which chases us everywhere drains out our happiness. So here are a few steps to tackle your stress and bring the best out of you, so that you can live your life to the fullest.

What is stress?
Its your bodies way of responding to a situation, to be more clear a threat like situation. So your body get’s into a fight or flight mode. The stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol surges through your body making you ready for the emergency.

Why should we tackle it ?
Both physical and mental illness can be linked to stress such as depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension to name a few.

So here are the 9 scientifically proven methods to beat stress

1.A to do list

Making a to-do list is perhaps the first thing we do in the morning. It’s good but make sure it’s realistic and include tasks which you are sure you could accomplish in a day. Or the over-strain due to the to-do list can actually produce stress. So beware.

2.Be aware

Be aware of your stress symptoms. It may include some signs such as headache, irritability, fatigue or even a panic attack. Try to find the triggers and deal with it up front.


According to statistics, money is considered to be the most contributing factor towards stress. So checking on your income and spending wisely would be a good idea.

4.Mind what goes in

Yes food does play a key role in stress. Eating a well-balanced diet can do wonders. The stress levels can be well managed by a balanced amount of whole grains, lean meat, fresh fruits and veggies. A proper digestion is necessary for a healthy mind and body.


Be social and friendly. Mingle with friends, hangout with them and enjoy rather than being social only on social media platform. A study showed that the stress has increased to higher levels in those who had no one to turn to for emotional support. Laughing can also reduce the stress levels.

6.Music therapy

Listening to soothing music relaxes you bringing a calmness into your body. It can even bring down the blood pressure and also calm down a mentally aggressive patient.

7.Work out

Working out in any way is good to tackle stress. Cardio exercises can actually release a hormone called endorphins which helps us feel happier and less stressed. Even yoga has the same effect. Practicing these helps activate the internal organs and also keeps us energetic.

8.Sleep your way to success

Yes you read that right. Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your health. It’s often related to stress. So make sure you get a sound sleep and wake up to a fresh new day with a lot of fresh thoughts and ideas. Compensating the sleepless night with a power nap during the day can reduce the stress related hormone.

9.Face it

If the stress triggers can be avoided, then good but what if it’s something which you have to encounter on a daily basis then better face it head on, or else the stress can build up and lead to anxiety or even depression.

Adopting these measures can definitely help you reduce the stress but always remember that when you are unable to control it, it’s always good to discuss with a professional about it and don’t let stress deprive you of your happiness.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do like and share and also share your views and opinions in the comment section. Stay fit, stay healthy. 🙂

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