Must See Awkward & Funny Moments of Santa this Christmas….

Surprised Santa


December is all about Christmas and Santa Claus. We all wait for this season of happiness and joy all through the year. Not just for the kids, its a festive season where the families come together and celebrate. Writing letters to Santa, expressing your secret wishes, decorating your home and Christmas tree and setting it all for Santa to arrive on the Christmas eve, all of it has something magical to it.


Now that we are in the Christmas hangover and ready to boost up for the New Year, Amazing World has collected some Awkward and extremely funny moments of Santa to just cheer you up and keep you charged for the New year celebrations….


So lets see what Santa has been up to…..


1.When you realize you are much healthier than Santa….

Small Santa

©2IbisVox/ Reddit


2.When the kids make you feel like the Satan……..

santa 2

©MonksWithSticks/ Reddit



3. When there’s a Big Surprise for the Santa himself from the li’l Santa…. ;p

Baby Santa



4. So you said Santa’s job was easy!!! Well have a look at the baby playing tug of war with his beard….Phew..

Baby pulling Santa's Beard

©wihandiewurm1/ Imgur 

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