8 Funny Shop Signs Which Took Marketing to a Whole New Level….

shop signs

They say, there is a marketer in every individual. Some are born with extraordinary business skills, and others have to work on it. But, what happens when such a business minded person is also hilariously funny. Well guys that’s when the fun part begins.


Starting from taglines to sign boards, we at Amazing World have collected some of the most funniest compilation of “Shop signs”, which will leave you ROFL…… XD


1.Sorry!!! Can’t tell you…It’s classified… :p

closed shop sign

©arkman575 @imgur.com


2. And here’s an awesome offer just for you……Free…..Free……Free!!!!!!

Shoe shop sign



3. Now that’s an honest sign board I tell you….. Thumbs up for the sincerity :p


Genuine watches



4.In case you feel invisible…..a note worth reading just for assurance of your existence. XD

For Invisible men



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