World Earth day – Facts You Need To Know

Earth Day


“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry

We are all celebrating the 50th World Earth Day this year. Each year it’s celebrated on the 22nd of April.

Plant sprouting from the soil
Plant sprouting from the soil


So why do we celebrate Earth Day every year??

It’s celebrated as an initiative and awareness of environmental issues and environmental protection.

Save the Planet
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels



So how did it all start????

It all started with an extensive oil spill in California in 1969, killing thousands of birds, fish, and sea mammals. Seeing this, an idea popped in the mind of Gaylord Nelson, the then U.S Senator.  He announced a national day every year focusing on the environmental issues and working towards it.

Bird clad in oil
Bird clad in oil


So who is responsible for these environmental issues???

We are the most intelligent species on the planet, but we also have the credit of destroying our planet through our actions. Just a few examples are the Pollution and deforestation.

If we are the culprits, we also have the responsibility of solving the issue.

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels



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