Now We Know Why Guys Have Shorter Life Span On Earth…

Being the masculine gender means a lot of serious job out there. They are more prone to dangers, have to risk their life in a lot of situation and do any job, even if it could cost there lives. There’s no doubt in the fact, that the men do the  most riskiest of jobs in the world. And may be that’s the reason why men don’t live as long as women do.

We came across these random pictures of men on ladder, some of them on extreme heights. Seeing these pictures, we were confused whether to be shocked or to laugh, coz these guys just nailed it with their balancing acts. So we thought of sharing it with you, so you could decide if its worth laughing or not.

Can you believe this man is balancing his ladder on a railing….:O

Obviously the best idea all of us would have in this situation, unless you have “Acrophobia”( fear of heights)……:p



May be he should try his hands in circus.




 A ladder on a ladder, kudos to this teamwork…….:Dladder-copy-6

And here we have real life spider man sticking on to the wall. Oh well!!! looks like he’s got a new job…..:p



Well all I can say is “Keep up the gud work guys”……..:P




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