All you need to know about Postmortem Photography. It’s not what you think….

Dead girl staring.

Photography, an art where you capture a precious moment. As memory fades away with time, a photograph brings back the memories, the feeling, the good times spent with the loved ones. Nowadays capturing a moment is just a touch away on our mobiles. But many years back, that was not the case. In olden days, taking a photo was too expensive. So it was like, you will have your photo taken only once in your whole life and that too if you belonged to a rich enough family.


so what if you died young and your family doesn’t have any photographs??? That’s when the postmortem photography comes to the rescue. Sounds creepy right???


For those who are unaware what postmortem is, it’s a Latin word meaning “after death”. So a photograph(of you) taken after your death is called ‘Postmortem photography’ a practice most prevalent during the Victorian era.  If you belonged to much poorer family, a postmortem photograph could have been the only photo taken of you.


So in this post, we are going to share with you some creepy images on Postmortem Photography. Please beware, you may get nightmares after seeing this……just kidding:p


What’s more interesting and creepy about these photographs is that the photographers used to position the deceased in such ways, so that they looked more life like.


But to keep a dead person in various postures alone or with the siblings, needed some support. Well we have got solutions for everything….they started using stands with nuts and bolts to keep the deceased stand straight.


  Photo credits: Reddit
And what if the deceased are babies????Well why not hide the mother with a black cloth, and make her hold the baby on her lap…
Hidden mother carrying dead child.
Hidden mother carrying dead child. Photo

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