9 Super Cute Pics Which’ll Prompt You To Be a Dad Today

The most important job of a man besides being an awesome husband is being a super dad for the kids. We at Amazing World are of the opinion that as mom’s get paid maternity leave, newbie dad’s too should get their share of leave as they too have to bond with the baby.


The bonding in babies are more like physical. Cuddling, playing, talking, singing to them all strengthens the bond. Babies perhaps enjoy more with daddies rather than mommy’s. What do you think??? Well check out these cute snaps which prove that the dad-son duo rocks……B)


1. Here’s a father-son saying “We go together like copy n paste.”

dad son 1



2. Well I guess the remix is more trendy….:p

dad son 2

3. It’s all about Dad n the super cute Dude…….:*

dad son 4

4. And here’s the (ABM) “Awesome Baby Maker”……

dad son 5

5. Say hello to the nerdy guyzzz…..

dad son 6

6. Like father, like son, totally an awesome pair…..:D 

dad son 7

7. That kiddo is definitely a pizza (piece) of is heart……:*

dad son 9


8. And I shall call him “The Mini-me”………:D

dad son 11

9. And finally all hail the King n the Prince…….:p

dad son 12


So how did you like our collection of this super cute duo’s. Let us know in the comment section. Till then…..Stay Amazed:)



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