5 Passionate Cats Pursuing their Dreams…..LOL

5 Passionate Cats Pursuing their Dreams…..LOL

Are you a proud owner of a pet cat? If yes then you probably know how funny and hillarious these small furry mammals are. No wonder it’s said that the time spent with cats is never wasted. They indeed make us laugh all the time.

There are times when they behave just like humans. Their expressions are just epic and to the point. Some of them are born drama queens. From staring through the window cluelessly for hours to adopting human like postures while sitting they always leave us ROFL.

Did you know there’s a cafe in California named cat cafe which lets you do yoga with the cats.. Frankly speaking I always wondered how my cat manages to do all those crazy stretching poses. So who else could be a better yoga trainer.

In this post we present to you 5 cats who are extremely passionate about dancing and athletics…

At the end of this post you will know why you need a cat in your life…

So here’s the list of 5 passionate cats who have set high goals and are chasing their dreams…


1.The ballerina taking the leap….  ;p

dancing ballerina cat

2.Dancing out from the heart, missing her tutus though…. 🙂

Dancing cat


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