10 Best and Funniest Halloween Baby Costumes Ever…


Halloween’s here and we know everyone’s thrilled, especially the kids. With all the new trending decorations and ideas, every parent will be browsing the internet for Halloween costume ideas. Even the smallest member of the family gets involved in Halloween, perhaps that’s the best part of it.



Here we present to you some of the very adorable kids who have dressed up to their freakiest attire, but have turned out to be just adorable.

1. This cutey pie definitely has got the best attire of a witch’s witty black cat, but the cuteness factor  has surpassed it.




2. Have you ever come across a scarecrow so adorable???





3. Hey guys better close your eyes, cuz the very famous and the creepiest doll “Annabelle” is going to show up. Well am sure after watching this li’l Annabelle you will love to cuddle her. 🙂





4. Do you have arachnophobia???? I mean the fear of spiders. Better watch out, cuz we have an extra sweet , extra cute spidey here.




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