9 Surprising Facts About Animals You Didn’t Know.



We share our planet with over 1 million known species of animals. Some are giants where as some of them are so tiny. With so much of diversity, these animals have some very interesting traits too, which most of you would be unaware of. So here are 8 amazing facts about some of these animals which will shock you.



1. Spiders



Did you know that spiders won’t starve to death. These eight legged, venom spitting arthropods can survive for more than 2 years without food.


2. Mouse



Unlike the mighty spider, mouse can’t handle an empty belly. In such situations, they would eat their own tail. Sounds bizarre right??


3. Polar bears



What makes the polar bears so adorable? Well most of you would have thought of the snow white fur. Well did you know have a black skin beneath those snow white fur???


4. Octopus



These guys are not just known for their eight legs or their camouflaging super power. You would be surprised to know that they have got 3 hearts.



5. Horned lizard



These lizards found in deserts have a strange way of defending themselves. They shoot blood from their eyes. :O


6. Humming bird



Can you name a bird which can fly backwards? Yes our incredible tiny friend the humming bird has a reverse gear.


7. Snakes



Ever played the staring game. If you believe yourself a champion in the staring game, beware an unbeatable opponent is coming your way. Snakes will definitely win it cuz they don’t blink. :p


8. Cats



The cats have a keen perception of the minutest sound. No wonder these witty cats have 32 muscles just in their ears to receive the sound.



9. Cows



Did you know that the cows can magnetically align themselves to north south direction.


Surprised??? Well our nature is full of surprises. These are just few examples. The more we learn about these animals, the more we realize that they are full of surprises.

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