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Why do we dream? The Amazing Science behind Dreams

Dream Theories

There are perhaps as many dream theories as there are scientists researching on the dreams. So lets dive into some of the famous theories which may be the reason for Why we Dream?

A Complex Neural Activity

Sir Sigmund Freud had said that the dreams are the road map to the unconscious. But studies indicate that, your Brain is not trying to make out some story out of some random impulses generated in the Brain during sleep, but are specific set of regional Brain networks that are highly active during the REM Sleep. This indicates that these brain network have some purpose and are creating specific dream content exclusively for you.

Dream to embed memories

Dreams are considered to be as a way to convert recently learned things and experiences into long term memory. In fact researches on dreams have indicated a link between REM sleep and memory consolidation. A recent research done in Japan has identified a group of neurons in the Hippocampus which aid memory storage. These are specifically active during the REM Sleep which are indicated by the theta oscillations.

Dreams create a virtual reality to face threats in the real world –

Dreams gives a chance to the brain to rehearse fight or flight response to not just threats but also awkward social situations.

Dream to solve problems

If you look at the history, there are plenty of instances in the lives of famous people who got the solutions to their problem in their dreams. One example is the German chemist August Kekulé who dreamt of  a serpent biting it’s own tail, which led to the discovery of the ringed structure of benzene molecule.

Dream for a bit of Creative inspiration

Running out of Creativity? Why bother when you can dream. One such master piece is the “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali which depicts clocks and watches melting.
Even though we don’t have a specific answer to why on Earth do we Dream, but we did tell you some likely reasons. Hope you liked the video, please like and share plus hit the subscribe button to know the answer to all the why’s.


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