Strange and unique insects

Nature Survival Games – 4 Incredible Bugs and Insects…

3. Vapourer Moth Caterpillars –

These caterpillars are very striking with a red and grey body and several large hair tufts. Now wondering why those hair tufts? Those tiny hairs if breathed in or on penetration into the skin causes itching, irritation, or infection. So beware!!!

“Touch ma babies and I’ll make you itch….”

Vapourer Moth Eggs
Vapourer Moth Eggs

Touch me if you can??? ;p

Vapourer Moth Caterpillar with Hair tufts
Vapourer Moth Caterpillar with Hair tufts

4. Giraffe Weevil –

Discovered in 2008, this tiny guy is endemic to Madagascar. And why is it called so? Yeah, cuz of the neck. They are not dangerous, as they cannot bite or sting you. And why is it all for? They have evolved these extraordinary features to attract a mate.

“Yeah!!! Far beyond those bushes I spot a female, I could flatter with my charm….”


Giraffe Weevil crawling on the leaf.
Giraffe Weevil crawling on the leaf.




“Hey Lady!!! Am I Handsome???”

Giraffe Weevil with its extended neck

All these beings are essential for the maintenance of our Ecosystem, just like any other living being. Each of these creatures has its own individuality and have a place on this earth. We, Humans being the most intelligent species on the Earth have some responsibilities. But often we are the ones who are the monsters and destroyers. Let’s be humans and show some kindness and love and do what we need to, for our planet…



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