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Mona Lisa – The journey of the world Famous Painting

Enigmatic smile –
It will never be known with certainty what secret the Mona Lisa’s smile hides, but at the corner of the mouth there is a hint of an open smile.


The neck –
They say that “The attentive spectator can perceive the beat of the pulse.”


Leonardo began to paint it in 1503 in Florence and he finished it in Milan or Rome in 1506. He never separated from her and took it with him when he settled in France in 1516. Before he died, Leonardo He sold the work to Francis l of France, who paid 4,000 gold florins for it.


The theft of the century –
In 1911 it was stolen from the Louvre and returned only in 1913. An Italian carpenter named Vincenzo Peruggia (photo), who was doing temporary work at the museum, was charged for the robbery.


The mystery of the model –
As the painting does not have a signature or date, the identity of the lady is still a mystery. According to the biographer Vasari, the portrait represents Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco Giocondo, silk merchant. When her husband died, in 1539 she moved to the “Santa Ursula” convent where she lived until her death on July 15, 1542.

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