achieve your goals with 5 easy steps

How to achieve your goals in 5 easy steps in 2018….

3.Visualize yourself achieving that goal.

visualize the goal

When you visualize something, in this case, achieving your goal, you are syncing that idea into your subconscious mind. The more frequently you do it, the better. If that image syncs in, you will achieve it for sure….


4. Have a master-plan for your goal.

planning the goal

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

                                                               – Antoine de Saint Exupery.


Just don’t let it be another New Year resolution which you quit even before January ends. So when you set a goal, plan each step of your progress beforehand and make sure you write it down. That should be the first step towards your goal.


5. Never tell anyone about your goals….Just surprise them with your achievement… 🙂

never tell your goals to anyone

That is one of the biggest mistakes we all make in terms of goal setting. Telling someone your goals makes them less likely to happen. Wondering why??? It’s because when we tell our goals to others our mind tricks us into believing that we have already achieved that goal and even gives us the satisfaction of achieving that goal. This leaves us less motivated to actually achieve that goal in the long run.

And always remember this,

“If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small…..”

                                                                                                                                            – Azim Premji


So what are you waiting for?? Dream big, set goals and take action….that’s it!!! Hope you liked the post. Do let us know your views and ideas in the comment section. Stay tuned to Amazing World for more of such motivating and interesting stuffs. Until then Stay Motivated, Stay Amazed…. 🙂


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