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lemon rice

Rediscovering Lemon Rice- An Ayurvedic Recipe

Lemon rice is something which we have been eating since our childhood. This lemon-flavored rice is a very popular everyday dish in southern India. When the usual boring rice gets some spicy seasoning with a splash of lemon juice in it, it just transforms into something magical.   Oh my taste buds still crave for […]


3 sure shot signs of the trending Nomophobia

Nomophobia the modern day phobia Fear is perhaps the most primitive emotion of a human being. As any other emotions no one has to teach us to be scared. And thanks to the science community of the world who gave it a fantastical name “Phobia”. We all have that friend who is scared of heights, […]

gold laced

6 Everyday Psychic Hacks To Live Life Like A Boss

Our brain is an amazing organ with immense powers beyond our knowledge. Heard of psychic abilities??? Such people with psychic powers do exist. With our mind power we can manipulate others as well as ourselves. Wanna know how?? Well here we share with you some simple psychic hacks which you can use in your daily […]