Ayers Rock – The 3rd best place to visit on this Earth…

Ayers Rock_Uluru_Amaxiom


It became a tourist spot in the 1950s and the place was formally returned to the traditional owners in 1985, with a formal lease to the Australian Parks and Wildlife services for the next 99 years ensuring proper funding for the Aboriginal owners. Tourism since then has been offering economic support to the otherwise isolated community.
But there were a few downsides to the boom in tourism at the spot. It lost its original traditional name and started becoming popular by the name Ayers Rock a named after a white explorer.
Even though there was a signboard clearly mentioning “do not climb” put up by the Aboriginal Community, all this time, it was ignored. This was a complete disrespect to the Sacred Place. Since the last 60 years of Tourism at Uluru, the rock and also the community who consider it sacred had been deeply scarred by climbers. Among the climbers, almost 35 of them have died.
In 2019, 26th October, Uluru Climb was permanently closed, and it also got back its name for all the right reasons with all its purity. All the controversies apart, this Australian Landmark, Uluru will always be famous for being a Unique piece of The World Heritage.

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