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8 Funny Shop Signs Which Took Marketing to a Whole New Level….

They say, there is a marketer in every individual. Some are born with extraordinary business skills, and others have to work on it. But, what happens when such a business minded person is also hilariously funny. Well guys that’s when the fun part begins.   Starting from taglines to sign boards, we at Amazing World […]

Surprised Santa

Must See Awkward & Funny Moments of Santa this Christmas….

  December is all about Christmas and Santa Claus. We all wait for this season of happiness and joy all through the year. Not just for the kids, its a festive season where the families come together and celebrate. Writing letters to Santa, expressing your secret wishes, decorating your home and Christmas tree and setting […]

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Home remedies for acne or pimple @amzwold

5 Amazing Acne Remedies to Try Right Now

Acne or pimple as it is lovingly called can be a nightmare for some. It occurs when our hair follicles are clogged up with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. Ranging from stray zits to a full fledged pimple breakout these definitely makes us hide beneath the bed….   Here are some easy-peasy […]

lemon rice

Rediscovering Lemon Rice- An Ayurvedic Recipe

Lemon rice is something which we have been eating since our childhood. This lemon-flavored rice is a very popular everyday dish in southern India. When the usual boring rice gets some spicy seasoning with a splash of lemon juice in it, it just transforms into something magical.   Oh my taste buds still crave for […]


Secret to Health is the Balance of These Three…

  Ayurveda is the oldest known healthcare system in the world. As any medical science in the world has a fundamental concept behind it, Ayurveda too has a fundamental concept called the Tridosha.   In Ayurveda, a Vaidya (Ayurveda physician) approaches a patient by taking into consideration these tridoshas, namely vata, pitta and kapha.   […]