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6 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: Why and How to Stop them Right Now…

4.Minimal physical activity.


with all the white collar jobs, people tend to spend almost 8 hours at work sitting in front of the computer with just their ankle joints and fingers doing all the physical activity. And the rest of the time sleeping or being social on the various social media platforms. Did you know 3.2 million death are attributed to insufficient physical activity.



  • Climb stairs instead of using the lift.
  • Clean your home regularly.
  • Indulge in gardening etc.
  • Skip your car if it’s a walkable distance.

5.Staying glued to the led displays.


Over usage of mobiles etc has been shown to increase sleeping disorders in men and depression in both men and women.



We know its not possible to completely avoid it. But here are some ways

  • Have a mobile free meal time.
  • Don’t use your mobile as alarm instead buy an alarm clock.
  • Assign some time to check the emails.
  • Uninstall those addictive apps and games from your mobile.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Keep the bathroom mobile-free!! Yes a lot of people do that to make their time more productive.



6.Moving out to cities


We all love the city lights and the city views. We get better oppurtunities and can lead a better life. But does a city life actually give you a better life??? The air pollution in cities is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths worldwide every year. Shocked?



Well obviously we can’t ask you to leave the cities and move to rural areas. So here are some alternate ways:

  • Check the daily air quality forecast to see when particle levels are unhealthy.
  • Reduce the amount of time outdoor when there is high pollution.
  • Outdoor activities can be planned for early morning and evenings.
  • Have a small garden even if it be in your balcony.
  • Exercise away from roads and highways.

So as you see, we all have been doing these no matter what. But now that you have been convinced as to why you should stop doing all these, why not try the how to stop doing them right now part??



Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Do let us know your views and suggestions on the comment section. Till then stay healthy, stay blessed…. 🙂


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